Rochester Has More Volunteers Then Any Other City In The Nation

08.09.11 | Sarah Harnisch

 Rochester is at the top of the list nationally for the number of volunteers in the city. Data released today by the corporation for national and community service shows Rochester is number 1 in the nation for the number of baby boomer volunteers, and ranked 5th in total volunteer participation among all democraphics-- nationally. 41-percent of boomers there volunteer in some capacity-- 4 in 10. One woman said "people who volunteer here do it very quietly-- so we had no idea-- we were number 1." Rochester did well, but New York did terribly. In fact, the state ranked last in volunteerism. Only 20-percent last year volunteered for community groups, schools, non profits, or their churches. There was also a big disconnect between upstate and downstate. 17-percent of New York city residents volunteer. In Binghamton, 30-percent do; Buffalo, 27-percent.