Resurgent Taliban Sets Bombing Record

01.26.09 | FL News Team

Last year was a bloody one for Afghanistan, with roadside bombs hitting an all-time high. "USA Today" reports more than 32-hundred improvised bombs either detonated or were discovered in Afghanistan last year. That is up 45-percent over 2007, according to figures released by the Pentagon.

The number of U.S.-led coalition troops killed by roadside bombs more than doubled to 161 in 2008 from 75 the year prior. The 722 troops wounded last year was also another record. 

Analysts say the increase in bombings prove the Taliban is resurgent and deadlier than ever. President Obama has pledged to redirect troops to Afghanistan from Iraq.

Army General David McKiernan has asked for 60-thousand troops, particularly combat engineers to clear roads and defuse bombs. The Pentagon is also rushing 10-thousand heavily armored vehicles to the country.