Researchers Say Multitaskers Not Good At Multitasking

08.25.09 | Bob Price

(Stanford, CA) -- The people who multitask the most are the ones who are worst at it.  That's the conclusion of researchers at Stanford University who found multitaskers are easily distracted and less able to prioritize projects.
Clifford Nass, a professor of Communications at Standford, studied 262 college undergrads. He divided them into high and low multitasking groups and compared them on such things as memory, the ability to switch from one task to another, and being able to focus on each task. What he found was that perpetual multitaskers are lousy at multitasking and have more muddled minds.

Nass says it's not clear if multitaskers are mentally disorganized to begin with, or if multitasking just makes things worse. The study was published Monday in the journal Proceedings of The National Academy of Sciences.