Republican Lawmaker In Pa Has An Idea On How To Curb Excessive Gambling

04.07.11 | Sarah Harnisch

 One Republican lawmaker in Pennsylvania has an idea on how to curb people's gambling habits: simply send a monthly statement of all their wins and losses each month to their home. For the past three years, Republican lawmaker Paul Clymer has been pushing for the House Bill 587.  He finally made some progress Wednesday when it passed the House Gaming Oversight Committee. Clymer, a stern critic of legalized gambling, said this would let a gambler's wife or husband find out how much money a spouse had won or lost on the past month. He said in too many cases, the extent of a gambler's losses aren't known by his family until large debt is amassed. Casino officials have been blocking it for years. It now goes to the full House for a vote.