Report Toyota To Recall Prius Hybrid In Japan

02.08.10 | FL News Team

Toyota is expected to issue a recall in Japan for the 2010 Prius this week. A source close to the situation says the announcement will likely come Tuesday in a filing with the Japanese Transport Ministry. At issue are reports of braking delays when third-generation Priuses travel on bumpy or icy roads. The unnamed source claims similar recalls could also be on the way for the U.S., Europe and other markets. Meanwhile, Toyota has said it is working with international safety officials to fix the software glitch behind the braking problems. The car maker is also reportedly weighing recalls for the new Lexus HS250h and the Japan-exclusive Toyota Sai. Both hybrids are equipped with the same braking system as the new Prius. The Prius was the top-selling car in Japan last year and there are more than 300-thousand Prius owners worldwide.

 The anticipated Prius recall comes on the heels of another massive safety related recall involving eight-million Toyota vehicles with potentially faulty gas pedals, and millions more with floor mats that could slide forward and jam the accelerator. As many as 19 U.S. deaths have been linked to uncontrolled acceleration problems with Toyota models in the past decade. Toyota announced Friday that it was setting up a committee to review its quality controls.