Report More Americans Choose To Vote Early

10.07.10 | FL News Team

(Washington, DC)  --  Fewer American voters are waiting for November 2nd to cast their ballots in this year's midterm elections.  A "USA Today" review found nearly six-million people participated in early voting during their year's primaries in 13 key states.  That's up 50 percent from the 2006 midterms, when just over four-million voters cast their ballots early.

In Utah, early voters accounted for roughly a quarter of this year's primary ballots.  In Texas, the number was even higher at more than 40 percent.  The growing popularity of early voting is reportedly being driven, at least in part, by state laws making it easier for voters to cast their ballots early at an elections office.

The National Association of Secretaries of State says early voting is currently underway in 14 states.