Relief Slowly Arriving In Chilean Earthquake

03.03.10 | FL News Team

Desperate survivors of Chile's devastating weekend earthquake continue to scramble for food, water and shelter. The Chilean military flew in emergency supplies by helicopter to hard-hit towns and cities including Concepcion, where a tsunami washed hundreds of people out to sea. The official death toll is now 795, but is certain to go higher. In the city of Constitucion alone, an estimated 500 people are still missing. Helicopters were mobbed by hungry crowds when they landed, while troops distributed supplies house to house in areas where homes were still standing.

 The government has cracked down on looters, imposing a curfew on Concepcion and sending in troops to arrest looters, who burned a supermarket after removing it contents. Troops used water cannons, among other things, to disperse looters. Saturday's earthquake was measured at 8.8 magnitude -- one of the strongest on record -- and set off tsunamis around the Pacific region.