Red Cross Issues Winter Safety Tips

01.14.09 | FL News Team

The American Red Cross has one message to the public when it comes to winter weather, and that is to be prepared for extreme conditions. The American Red Cross is still poised to provide emergency aid when needed, but says people should prepare for the unexpected.

Severe weather conditions can trap residents in their homes for several hours, or even days, without utilities and other basic services. The organization also says people need to realize weather conditions can change at the drop of a hat.

Their tips for planning for a winter storm, include having extra blankets, making sure everyone in the house has warm clothing that fits and to check and replace batteries in smoke alarms and other devices.

They say disaster supply kits should also be in both the house and car and include things like blankets or sleeping bags, first aid kits and extra medication, rain gear and dry clothing, a battery-powered NOAA weather radio, canned food, water, and any other items people in the family may need.