Reconsider Voter Id Ruling Corbett Asks Court

01.27.14 | Bob Price

The Corbett administration Monday asked Commonwealth Court to reconsider its finding that the Pennsylvania voter ID law is unconstitutional.

Judge Bernard McGinley earlier this month found the 2012 law violates the state constitution by imposing an unreasonable burden on voters.

Gov. Tom Corbett's general counsel, James Schultz, said in a statement Monday that the administration disagrees with the ruling and that Mr. Corbett has always favored encouraging people to exercise their right to vote.

"The requirement of a photo ID in no way infringes upon this right, especially in today’s environment where an ID is essential to do just about anything," Mr. Schultz said. "The administration has gone to great lengths to ensure that citizens are afforded the opportunity to get an ID in the unlikely event they do not have one."

If the court does change its ruling, the administration will ask the court to not require photo identification at the polls in the primary and general elections this year "to avoid even the chance of confusion for voters."

In a filing with the court, attorneys for the administration wrote, in part, that Judge McGinley found errors in how the administration had implemented the voter ID law but should not then have concluded the law itself is unconstitutional.