Real Life Santa In The Poconos

12.08.10 | Sarah Harnisch

    There is a real-life Santa Claus in the Poconos. John Dickson has been working year round to collect toys for Toys for Tots. This year though, he was faced with a challenge. Many companies couldn't donate toys like they had before because of the economy. So Dickson, a former marine, took on the work of all of Santa's elves. He told WNEP T.V. it's in his blood-- that God gave him this mission. Without the cash he usually gets from big businesses, Dickson turned to small businesses in Monroe County and traveled store to store-- year round-- to collect toys. He went everywhere, from mall stores, to doctors offices, to restaurants. Dickson says he's still in desperate need of toys for pre-teens. And until the middle of the month, he'll just keep going door to door.