Rain Causes Problems For Local Farmers

07.04.13 | Abby Lutcher

Farmer Mike Smith says many of the crops including sweet corn and hay he's been growing on his Big Flats farm have been affected by the weather. “I lost a thousand bales because of the rain. We mowed it down and it just kept raining. We figured it was not going to rain and it rained for ten days. It's mulch now and we're not going to worry about it and just let it go.” Recent rains have also caused problems for a crop that Smith won't be able to sell for a few weeks. He has not been able to plant his sweet corn in the past week. It may not be available at his vegetable stand to sell. Hay and vegetables are not the only bad crops. Berries have also had problems growing around the region. “I have a friend up north of here. He got hit with a late frost…and now he can't pick them because of too much rain and it just makes them explode,” Smith said. Smith has ground covers spread out across his property which holds moisture in and rain out. “I think we're good for two or three weeks now without any rain. We like to have a rain here every week, week and a half or something like that but I guess we can go two or three weeks without and rain and we wouldn’t be hurt at all.” Smith has begun working on his pumpkin patch which will use the extra rain to be ready for October.