Project Creates Story Of Syracuse Via Cell Phone

04.17.09 | FL News Team

You have never toured Syracuse like this before! A novel about the city, text messaged to your cell phone. It is part of a project called Sibylline TXT Syracuse and it was created by an associate professor of architecture at Syracuse University.

Here is how it works. There are 26 locations throughout the city. When you get to one of them, you can receive part of the novel your phone. The story takes place in and is about the city and is broken into 60 installations, available two days a week for one month. The goal is to get people to look at Syracuse in a completely different way.

"Everyone's constantly texting each other, right? But you're often in a space but you never look up, you never think about the space that you're in, you're just kind of talking to your friend. So this project tries to tie a story to a place, and that way when you're walking around a city and you start to engage in the story and you're looking at your text message and reading it you might think differently about the space that you're in," said project creator Anda French.

The project runs through May 8th, and the best part is It is free! For more information, visit