President Names New Czar To Head Oil Drilling Reform Effort

06.16.10 |

President Obama has named Michael R. Bromwich to head up administration efforts to reform offshore oil drilling regulations and regulatory agencies. In a statement, the White House said the former Assistant U.S. Attorney and Justice Department Inspector General will oversee the reorganization of the Minerals Management Service to eliminate conflicts among different agency missions. Those missions include establishment of safety standards and regulation of the oil industry's drilling efforts. The White House said Bromwich will restore "integrity and rigor" to the relationship between regulatory officials and oil companies.

 There have been charges the relationship between oil companies and federal regulators had gotten too cozy and President Obama has confirmed that indicating drilling permits were issued in exchange for safety assurances rather than safety plans from oil companies. Bromwich has a reputation for fixing broken organizations ranging from federal agencies to local police departments in Houston, Texas and in Washington.