Preacher Takes Fight To Atheists

12.16.11 | Jeremy Miller


Open-air preacher Ray Comfort is kicking off evangelistic campaigns in areas of the U.S. where atheist organizations file or threaten lawsuits in their attempt to remove Christian references from public property. After reading about the demand by the atheists group Freedom From Religion Foundation to have a nativity scene removed from a Texas courthouse lawn, the Living Waters ministry founder said he began learning about the group’s other actions around the nation on its website. In addition to asking for the removal of nativity scenes, the atheist group has been working to remove crosses from government property. Christians argue that it is their constitutional right to express their faith in public. The claim by most atheists that religious expressions tied to the government are not allowed based on separation of church and state has been proven by some historians to be a false assumption. Comfort is using the opportunity during a seemingly escalating cultural battle over Christmas symbolism in the U.S. to spread God's word.

“This isn’t a war on Christmas. It’s much deeper than that. They want to do away with Christianity for the same reason criminals would like to do away with the police,” Comfort told The Christian Post. “Their motive for being anti-God is moral not intellectual.

“They deny God’s existence because if they admit He exists, they are admitting that they are morally responsible to Him. This isn’t a pleasant thought for a guilty sinner,” he explained

Comfort said he believes that now is the time to stand up against atheists around the country who try to thwart Christians celebrating Christmas.