Poll Voters More Confident In Gop On Major Issues

09.01.10 | FL News Team

(Princeton, NJ)  --  Americans have more confidence in Republicans when it comes to seven out of nine major midterm election issues.  According to a new "USA Today"-Gallup Poll, GOP lawmakers have a clear lead over Democrats in handling issues such as terrorism, immigration, federal spending and the Afghan war.

The survey also finds congressional Democrats and the GOP are about evenly tied on the topic of healthcare.  The near even polling on the controversial issue is seen as a voter advantage for Republicans.  Democrats have generally been viewed as being more capable in handling the topic.  

Along with the poll findings on national issues, the survey continues to place Republicans ahead of Democrats in this year's generic ballot for Congress.  The poll results are unclear about whether the favorable ratings for the GOP are largely based on frustration with Democrats or if voters believe Republicans will make more progress on major national issues.