Poll Uncertainty Over Obamas Faith

08.19.10 | FL News Team

(Washington, DC)  --  A new poll indicates there's a fair amount of uncertainty about President Obama's faith.  A Pew Research Center poll shows one-in-five people say Obama is a Muslim.  That's an increase from eleven percent last year.  About one-third say he's a Christian, which is down from 48 percent who said so in 2009.  In addition, 43-percent admit they don't know Obama's religion.  Just over three-thousand adults were polled between July 21st and August 5th, before Obama announced his support for a mosque and Islamic cultural center near Ground Zero in New York.  

The poll also found about one-third of self-described conservative Republicans believe Obama is a Muslim.  That group largely finds fault with his job performance.  A majority of those who think he's a Christian express approval of how Obama is handling the job.