Poll Many Americans Described Selves As Pro Life

05.19.09 | FL News Team

The views of Americans may have taken a turn.when it comes to abortion. A newly released Gallup poll has found 51-percent of people responding to a survey conducted earlier this month describe themselves as "pro-life." Forty-two-percent of those surveyed describe themselves as "pro-choice. Last year the same Values and Beliefs survey found 50-percent of American adults described themselves as pro-choice and 44-percent were pro-life.

The poll also found a reversal in the way Americans see the legal status of abortion. Twenty-three-percent now say the procedure should always be illegal while 22-percent say it should always be legal. Gallup says in the previous four years of the survey the majority favored unrestricted abortion. The Gallup survey involved more than one thousand adults contacted by phone from May 7th to the 10th. The margin of error is plus or minus 3-percentage points.

FLN's Sarah Harnisch takes a closer look at the poll with prominent pro-lifer Bill Devlin. He says the numbers speak for themselves: