Poll Internet Ranks Close Second To Tv As News Source

03.02.10 | FL News Team

A new survey by the Pew Research Center says more and more Americans are getting their news online. The report says local TV is still the top choice of 78-percent of Americans, but 61-percent say they get at least some of their news online. Also, 54-percent report listening to a radio news program at home or in the car and just 50-percent say they glean news from a local newspaper.

 On the list of most sought after information, the traditional number-one item, weather, is still king with 81-percent of news seekers reporting that's what they look for on a regular basis. News about national events is sought by 73-percent, followed by health and medicine at 66-percent, business and the economy are of major interest to 64-percent, while international events and science and technology draw 60-percent interest.

 Asked by Pew pollsters what subjects they'd like to see more coverage of, 44-percent said scientific news and discoveries, 41-percent mentioned religion, 39-percent would opt for more health and medicine content. Only 38-percent wanted to see, hear or read more about their local community.

 The report says the primary reason so many Americans keep up with current events is because it's part of social interaction. A total of 72-percent of American news consumers say they enjoy talking with others about what's happening in the world. The full report is available online at PewResearch.org