Policy Expert Clearfield Blowout Was Instructional

09.03.10 | FL News Team

(Pittsburgh, PA)  --  On the heels of Thursday's explosion at a natural gas production platform offshore in the Gulf, environmental regulators are weighing the ability of developers to safely drill onshore in Pennsylvania.  Three months ago, a natural gas blowout in a rural area of Clearfield County burned for 16 hours.

Duquesne University professor Dr. Kent Moore says Pennsylvania's Department of Environmental Protection responded quickly and handled the disaster very well. Moore says blowout was mostly due to cost cutting and human error. He adds state mandated requirements coming in the future will resolve many of the operational issues which sparked the Clearfield disaster.

Meanwhile, a Texas-based gass well control company has officially opened its offices in Clearfield County. Wild Well Control announced its plans for a hub at the Clearfield-Lawrence Airport in August after local officials spent months trying to entice the company to the area. Wild Well is the same company that responded to the blowout back in June.