Pilot Missionary Needs A New Liver

03.08.11 | Bob Price

A missionary pilot from Montoursville, Pennsylvania (just outside of Williamsport) is in need of a liver transplant and will not survive without one.  Dale Shaylor contracted Hepatitis B and D in Venezuela where he and his wife and 3 children are serving with mission aviation fellowship. Family friend and Montoursville Youth Pastor Ben Hazen told us Shaylors' name cannot be placed on an organ donor list without a 425-thousand dollar, down payment. He said he could live a year or two with the liver performing the way it is, or he could live just a few weeks. He said Shaylor is beginning to get sickly. He said if he can get on the list right now, he'd be right near the top of the list and would likely be able to survive.
If you are interested in helping this missionary pilot get a new liver, a facebook page has been set up that is asking for 1 dollar donations from every family who hears his story. You can learn more about Shaler, or make a donation, here.