Photojournalist Camps Out In Westboro Baptist Church Homes For A Week

03.07.11 | Sarah Harnisch

 A New York City photojournalist was given a very rare opportunity to live with the members of the controversial Westboro Baptist Church for a week. That church has gained international attention for its protests of military funerals. Photojournalist Anthony Karen said their church believes soldier deaths are because of homosexuality in the United States. He said the church congregation has little interaction with their own neighbors, but most of the 70  members hold regular jobs-- they are lawyers, work in the medical field, and corrections officers. He says he didn't feel any hatred at all-- but saw their members as living in total fear of God and His wrath. He did say, however, that nearly every question he asked was met with a quote from scripture. He said before he left, he told them: "when you robotically recite verses, you're actually pushing me away and losing credibility in my eyes. If you are the true prophets and your job is to spread the Word, you are failing by not engaging your audience. Therefore your existence is self guided." They did not have any responce.

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