Peta Suggests Renting Prison For Chicken Empathy Museum

09.15.09 | FL News Team

(Roanoke, VA) -- PETA's executive vice president sent a letter to Virginia Governor Timothy Kaine on Monday offering to rent a state prison facility and turn it into America's first chicken empathy museum.

Tracy Reiman wrote on behalf of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals organization, suggesting the Botetourt Correctional Center in Troutville would be a perfect location for the museum when the prison closes.  Governor Kaine has order Botetourt and two other prisons closed to help reduce a one-point-three-five-billion-dollar state shortfall.

PETA's plan would feature educational displays and a restaurant that would serve faux-chicken drumsticks and vegetarian foods.  Visitors to the museum could also wear a weighed backpack to simulate how the upper bodies of chickens grow in proportion to their legs.

In the letter, Reiman writes that another benefit would be the jobs the museum would provide local residents.  Reiman added, "the museum would convert a building that was built for the purpose of incarceration into a tribute to liberation."