Pentagon Dadt Study Flawed

12.01.10 | Bob Price

Allegatons are swirling that a Pentagon study showing most members of the military prefer ending "don't ask, don't tell" is far from objective!! Lieutenant Colonel Robert McGinnis with the Military Readiness Project says the Pentagon questionaire sent to members of the military never asked them directly whether or not they liked Don't Ask Don't Tell. It simply told them it was going to be repealed, and asked how they should go about doing it. Then, they only got input from about 25 percent of enlisted troops. On the flip side, the military says it sent the questionaire to half a million troops, and only 115 thousand responded.
       Meanwhile, the conservative Family Research Counsel did their own research on ending "Don't Ask, Don't Tell". They asked 10 thousand soldiers and marines directly if they would feel comfortable serving with openly homosexual troops. 63 percent said no.