Pennsylvanias Vote Id Law Goes Before The State Supreme Court Today

09.13.12 | Sarah Harnisch

There are just 54 days before Pennsylvanians decide who will be the next President, and as of right now, to vote, they'll have to carry a valid photo id in their pocket when they head to the ballot box. Today, the state Supreme Court will hear arguments over that voter id law, and will have to swiftly decide whether it poses an unncessessary threat to the right to vote. The state is expected to argue that every registered voter will be able to cast a ballot. But prosecutors say there are 758 thousand registered voters who either don't know about the requirement, don't have a valid id, or will be unable to get one in time. Pennsylvania is one of 17 states to adopt a photo id law, but 5 states have been unable to enact them due to legal challenges.