Pennsylvania Wants To Change The Rules For Teen Drivers

03.01.11 | Sarah Harnisch

 There's a brand new law in the works in Pennsylvania that would limit teen drivers to 1 non-family member in the car, and require 65 hours, not 50, of behind-the-wheel training before they get a license. It was introduced Monday by State Representative Kathy Watson. "It is inexperience and distractions that lead to crashes and deaths. The idea is prevention. We prevent the crash from happening. We prevent you and I, who happen to be innocent bystanders on that road, from being part of that crash. And we give young people the opportunity to have more experience to be better drivers." The bill would also require 10 hours of night driving and five hours of inclement weather driving practice.  Pennsylvania is one of only seven states that does not limit the number of passengers for teen drivers. Officials say that is a factor which exponentially increases new drivers' chances of crashing.