Pennsylvania Senate Primary Heats Up

05.17.10 |

Voters in Pennsylvania will go to the polls Tuesday for a U.S. Senate primary between Democratic incumbent Arlen Specter and challenger Congressman Joe Sestak. On CNN's "State of the Union," Sestak was confident he will beat Specter, who changed his party affiliation from Republican to Democrat recently. Sestak would not say if he would support Specter if he lost the primary, saying, quote, "never deal with something that's not going to happen."

 Specter defended his party switch, saying he did so to be the 60th vote for Democrats in passing legislation to, quote, "stave off depression in this country." He said he had a clear shot at being reelected as a Republican and he wasn't being challenged until he voted for President Obama's stimulus program. Specter said he is not bound by political ideology and will continue to vote his conscience. On the question of supporting his opponent, he said he would "support anybody against Pat Toomey," who is the Republican candidate in the Senate race.