Pennsylvania Logs Its 7th Case Of West Nile We Have Tips To Keep You Safe

08.17.12 | Sarah Harnisch

It's an all-out ariel assault in Texas on mosquitos that are carrying the West Nile virus. Dallas County, Texas started using crop sprayers to spray mosquitos. That hasn't happened since 1966.  230 people have been infected in that one county, and 16 have died. In neighboring Oklahoma, 31 people have been infected, and 3 have died. 700 cases have been logged in 32 states this year, and 26 deaths.

There have now been 7 victims of West Nile virus in the state of Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania Department of Health confirmed Thursday an unidentified LeHigh county man is the latest victim. Officials say the number of cases statewide is particularly high for this time of year, because of an early spring and a warm winter.
Parents in hardest-hit Texas say if you notice your kids are sleepier then normal, check them for bites. Officials also say get rid of any standing water on your property, avoid being outside at dawn and dusk, when mosquitos are hungry, and use insect repellant.