Patterson Gives Green Light To New Traffic Cameras

04.30.09 | Alan Gustafson

Red Lighter runners, watch out. Cities like Rochester and Buffalo are installing up to 50 cameras at various locations to nab motorists who run through intersections, illegally. Officials expect the move will generate 3 million dollars in revenue. The cameras take pictures of liscense plates and then send the driver a 50-dollar ticket. it'll be a few months before they go up-the cities still need to decide the best location for them.

A state-owned university in western Pennsylvania expects a decision Thursday on how 22 students who recently returned from Mexico will mark their graduation. The Slippery Rock University students were in Mexico City for their five-week student-teaching experience. The university says it's gotten hundreds of calls from people concerned their participation in Saturday's commencement ceremony could spread the swine flu virus. It's unknown whether any of the students who returned from Mexico on Tuesday were exposed to the virus and Slippery Rock says all report good health. But Saturday's commencement falls in the middle of an incubation period in which the students have been advised to limit their contact with others.