Passion Of The Christ Actor Turned Down For Jobs

05.03.11 |

  The man that starred as "Jesus" in "Passion of the Christ" has had a rough time getting a job in Hollywood since he took the role. Jim Caviezel spoke at a church in Orlando over the weekend, and said he was warned by director Mel Gibson that "he'd never work in this town again", but he said he'd be willing to give up his name, his reputation, and his life to speak the truth. The film went on to become one of the highest grossing movies in history. But Caviezel's roles since then have been far and few between, just as Gibson warned. Caviezel even spoke about Mel Gibson's outbursts-- which he also had while he was directing. At one point, he said Gibson gave himself credit for the film, and when he corrected and said it was God's film, the director had a meltdown. But Caviezel said "Mel Gibson, he's a horrible sinner, isn't he? Mel Gibson doesn't need your judgement. He needs your prayers." Caviezel may not have a lot of work coming in, but he does have a strong family life. He and his wife adopted children from China with special needs, and one has cancer. He's currently promoting the audio Bible "The Word of Promise", which features a celebrity cast-- including Michael W. Smith and Rebecca Saint James.