Paris Club Urges Nations To Cancel Haiti Debt

01.19.10 | FL News Team

Creditor nations are being urged to cancel Haiti's debt in the wake of its massive earthquake. The call was made by the Paris Club of creditor nations which came to an agreement with Haiti last year to drop the country's entire debt. France chairs the Paris Club and Economy Minister Christine Legarde has requested that Taiwan and Venezuela help in the debt relief effort. Both nations are major creditors of Haiti but are not members of the Paris Club.

 In another development, France today deemphasized reports of differences over U.S. management of the airport in Haiti. A statement released by President Nicolas Sarkozy's office indicated that the two countries are cooperating. Reports of problems came to light after a junior minister, Alain Joyandet, said he'd lodge a protest with U.S. officials that a French aircraft with humanitarian aid was prevented from landing at the airport in Port-au-Prince. But Sarkozy's statement stressed a deep satisfaction with the coordination between the crisis centers of the Foreign Ministry and the U.S. State Department.