Parents Today Give Their Kids Cash More Often Then They Got It As Children

03.31.11 | Sarah Harnisch

 April 1st kicks off financial literacy month. Northwestern Mutual Foundation is out with a new survey. They found parents were much more likely today to give in to kid's requests to get more cash then their parents were. 9 in 10 kids surveyed said they were successful when they asked for money above and beyond their allowance-- no matter what their age was. The youth today are having a lot more success then even the 30-something crowd had when they were kids!! Here are some stats. Today, kids get cash 63-percent of the time they ask; if you're 18 to 45-- when you were a kid-- you only got the cash 12-percent of the time-- and if you're older then 45, parents dolled out extra allowances-- just 8-percent of the time.