Pa Voters Frustrated With Governor Rendell Legislators

07.22.09 | FL News Team

(Harrisburg, PA) -- Frustrations over the Pennsylvania budget standoff appear to be sticking to the governor, who is sometimes called "Teflon Ed." A record 53-percent of voters in a Quinnipiac University poll released Tuesday say they disapprove of the way the governor is doing his job.

While they seem to be holding the governor responsible for the three-week budget deadlock, that does not let the Legislature off the hook. The poll also found only 27 percent of voters approve of the Legislature's job. That is barely higher than the Legislature's 26 percent approval rating that the same pollster found following the 2005 legislative pay raise mess.

On Tuesday, it was announced that a conference committee of legislative leaders will be appointed to work on a budget that reflects both Democratic and Republican priorities. The Democratic-controlled House voted by a three-to-one margin to reject a plan pushed by Senate Republicans. Because of the impasse, some 33-thousand state workers face the prospect of no paychecks as early as next week.