Pa Voter I D Law Under Attack

07.19.12 | Bob Price

The American Civil Liberties Union says twelve percent of Pennsylvania voters lack a state-issued photo ID needed to vote under the new law. The ACLU's lawsuit is scheduled to be heard in court next week. The ACLU and others say the new law denies some people the right to vote.

Many without photo ID are poor or elderly. They say it is difficult to get one because they have to visit the DMV with four forms of identification.

The law is designed to prevent voter fraud at polling places. Voters in Pennsylvania see both sides.

"If the people complaining about the voter ID cards would put the effort into getting those people their cards, there would be no problem,” said Frank Evans of Sayre. “I have to make my effort to get my cards to do anything I want to do."

"The older people that don't have ID, it's not fair to them,” said Gene Norton of Sayre. “They've been paying taxes their whole lives and now they're telling them they can't vote."

The argument has taken a political spin because many of the people who lack ID tend to be part of democratic voter bases. Opponents argue Republican leadership is trying to stifle the vote. Republicans say it's about stopping fraud and that they are helping people get their IDs.

Analysts say Barack Obama will need to win Pennsylvania to be re-elected and can't win without strong support in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Experts say those cities are where the law would hit the hardest.