Pa Governor Predicts 100 State Layoffs

08.19.10 | FL News Team

(Harrisburg, PA)  --  Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell has announced 100 state employees will lose their jobs, but officials are still working to determine what departments are in jeopardy. The Rendell administration originally estimated hundreds of employees would need to be let go to balance this year's $28 billion budget and make up for a smaller-than-expected chunk of federal stimulus money. But a high number of retiring employees, a hiring freeze and elimination of unfilled positions helped officials reduce the number by half.  Retirements jumped by an estimated two-thousand above average this year.

Mr. Rendell also says he's implementing his plan for offsetting the $282 million stimulus funding gap. It calls for an across-the-board spending cut, a reduction in the state education subsidy and money from the still-to-be--passed severance tax on natural gas drilling on the Marcellus Shale deposit.