Pa Elementary School Getting Sued By Christian Legal Firm

03.08.11 | Sarah Harnisch

   A Pennsylvania elementary school is being sued for banning a 5th grader from handing out invitations to a church Christmas party at school.
    Attorneys with the Alliance Defense Fund are defending the family in a case against the Pocono Mountain School District. The child was prohibited from handing out invitations that read "admissions and all activities are free; face painting, ping pong, football, cup-stacking, games, prizes, pippets, music, snacks and more!" The school says it's policies prevent any student expression, written or verbal, that promotes Christianity or a religious point of view. ADF says "disallowing a 5th grader's invite to a Christmas party just because it takes place at a church is unconstitutional, especially when Halloween parties and promotional events for businesses and other community groups indescriminantly recieve a free pass."