Pa Drivers Prepare For Sticker Shock At The Pump

12.30.13 | Bob Price

Drivers in Pennsylvania and across the Twin Tiers are bracing for higher prices at the pump come January 1st. That’s when a transportation bill signed by Governor Tom Corbett in late November takes effect.

It looks to raise $2.3 billion to repair roads and bridges, much of it through higher takes on gas and diesel. That could force drivers in Pennsylvania to pay nearly $0.30 more per gallon over the next few years.

In November, we heard a lot of outrage over the bill. But some drivers Sunday, including those who cross the border for gas, have mixed feelings. “If it’s going to go towards road work, repair and stuff, that’s not bad,” said Mark Terry of Waverly. He crosses the boarder to buy gas and cigarettes. “There’s a lot of road around here that do need repairs.”

“I have a care so we need [to get from] Point A to Point B, and I’m trying to save as much money as I can,” said Travis Hall of Athens. “I can’t be filling my tank of gas with $4.00 a gallon.”

Pennsylvania State Representatives Matt Baker and Tina Pickett both opposed the transportation bill. Baker says the bill will make Pennsylvania the highest gas taxed state in the nation.

The bill also raises fees on vehicle registration, titles, and driver’s licenses.