Pa Considers Law Limiting Boar Hunting

05.06.13 | Sarah Harnisch

 Did you know there are places in Pennsylvania-- where you can legally hunt wild boar? Wild boar on Pennsylvania hunting preserves are at the center of a legal and legislative struggle that comes to a head next month. It's an issue that pits animal rights activists and environmentalists against lawmakers and business owners who say the controlled hunts on fenced-in properties foster jobs and boost rural economies. Some preserves charge a person $800 to $900 to hunt for sport. State legislators are lined up to help owners of hunting preserves, who say a proposed Game Commission regulation requiring “eradication” of the swine threatens their livelihoods. The Game Commission on June 24 is set to approve a ban on wild boar within a year. Ruling in an animal rights lawsuit, the state Supreme Court in 2007 affirmed the commission's regulatory authority over boar on preserves.