Pa College Prof Wants To Track Potholes On The Internet

03.11.11 | Sarah Harnisch

  A research project out of a college in Pennsylvania is becoming famous across the globe. The Carnegie Mellon University research project is helping motorists keep an eye on developing potholes.  Economics Professor Robert Strauss is getting people to take photos of potholes on their roads-- then upload them to a website that logs and tracks potholes. Strauss says anyone with a cell phone camera and a facebook account can be involved in the rodas {{ roh-das ]] project.  He says all you have to do is then "upload photos of potholes, and upload them, which get populated onto a google map as red dots. Then anyone in the world with a web browser can click on the red dot."  He says creating awareness of the problem could expedite repairs. If you want to check out the map and see if any potholes near your home are logged, go to