Opinion Of Congress Drops To Record Low In Cnn Poll

02.17.10 | FL News Team

A new poll shows nearly two-thirds of registered voters think most congressional incumbents shouldn't be re-elected. Voters were a little more charitable toward their own member of Congress in the CNN-Opinion Research poll. Half said their representative should be re-elected. Those are the lowest marks ever given to Congress in any CNN poll. Voter anger is spread evenly across the political spectrum, with 56 percent of respondents saying neither incumbent Democrats nor incumbent Republicans should be returned to office. Asked if they would vote for a generic political candidate in the next election, 46 percent said they'd vote for a Republican and 46 percent said they'd vote for the Democrat.

 The poll included some questions about President Obama, with 52 percent of voters replying he does not deserve to be re-elected while 44 percent saying they'd vote for him. Forty-nine percent approve of his performance in office, while 50 percent disapprove. The margin of error in the poll is three percentage points, so the President's approval rating is considered a statistical wash.