Oneidas Reach Deal With Albany On Casino Rights

05.17.13 | Sarah Harnisch

The Oneida Indian nation has reached a deal with Albany on a decade-old dispute over casino rights. The Oneidas were granted exclusive casino rights in central New York under a deal reached Thursday that will send 25 percent of the slot machine revenue from the Turning Stonr Resort and Casino to the state. That's about 50 million dollars a year. It's the first time the Oneidas will pay a dime of gambling revenue to the state. They also agreed to tax gasoline and cigarettes on reservation property. An Oneida Indian representative said this marks a defining moment in the history of New York state-- and will have an impact on negotiations with all the other tribes across the state. The governor has set a June 21st deadline to reach an agreement, or he threatened to build state-owned casinos within driving distance of Indian casinos.