One Boston Marathon Bomber Dead The Second Still At Large

04.19.13 |

Police in Boston have said that the "white hat suspect" in the Boston Marathon bombings is still at large, while the other suspect has been shot dead by police. The bomber still on the loose has been identified by officials as Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.The other bomber was his older brother, who has not been named. Both brothers were of Chechen ethnicity from Russia. Tsarnaev, 19, who has now been on the run from authorities for more than 10 hours, is believed to be armed with an assault-style rifle and an assortment of other weapons, including bombs.

"For public safety ... we are asking everyone to shelter in place," Davis said. Boston and the surrounding towns are on lockdown, as police hunt for Tsarnaev.

This is a photo of both men, taken from surveillance footage before the bombing.


Here is another photo of Tsarnaev, in the white hat, walking away calmly right after one of the bombs went off. He is on the left side of the image.