One Assemblymans Opinion On Womens Equality Act

06.26.13 | Abby Lutcher

Palmesano says one of the biggest disappointments for him during the recent legislative session is not voting on the ten parts the Women's equality Act individually. He says the New York Senate did vote on each part separately.  They approved nine out of ten. The part holding the senate up is the provision to expand abortion rights. Palmesano says democratic assembly members wouldn't vote on individual parts but rather the bill as a whole and that's why no progress has been made at all. Palmesano said, “It's time to get something for the women in New York State and take those nine parts and pass them as the senate did.  We would have made some significant progress for the women in this state.” Parts of the bill the senate voted on would require equal pay for women, strengthened human trafficking laws, ended pregnancy discrimination and strengthened protections for domestic violence. But the senate didn't even attempt a vote on the abortion provision.  Assembly democrats did not like that. Palmesano adds he is pro-life.