Occupy Movement Disbanding In Physical Form

02.07.12 | Sarah Harnisch

More and more Occupy Wall Street sites are disappearing. As of Monday, Occupy Maine protestors were booted from their site. They were among the first in the nation to set up camp. Also on Monday, a judge gave the final notice for Occupy Pittsburgh to tear down. Over the past week, police began removing demonstrators in Miami, Austin, Texas, and Washington D.C. Most big encampments, including the flagship at New York's Zuccotti Park, and in Atlanta, Boston, Denver, Chicago, Los Angeles, Oakland, Philadelphia and Portland-- were cleared last year. Officials say some of the homeless were moving in with protestors, and it was causing problems. They say the number of crime calls-- especially to the areas around the encampments-- spiked after the long-term protest camps were set up. Even Occupy seems to agree that the immoveable camps were causing problems. One protestor in Maine said "you can only fight for so long, and at the end, you realize it's a new beginning for a different type of fight."