Obesity Dubbed A Worldwide Issue

11.11.10 | FL News Team

(London)  --  Obesity isn't just an issue in developed nations, it's a problem worldwide.  That's the finding of researchers with the World Health Organization who have issued some recommendations to help battle the problem.  Among them, add a tax to junk food, limit food advertising and make labels clearer.

The WHO says the average annual cost of fighting obesity with those methods could be less than one-dollar per person.  A study, published in the British journal "Lancet" says unhealthy diets and a lack of physical inactivity are pushing obesity rates upward in many nations, including India and China, where increasing prosperity is creating heavier consumers.

The WHO report says the dollar per person cost of the suggested programs would pay off in reduced health care costs worldwide.  They would also have a benefit in the number of years people would live without developing chronic illnesses.

The researchers said a total of two million more years of good health would be added within two decades across Brazil, Mexico, Russia, South Africa and England.  In some of those countries, nearly half of the residents are overweight or obese.