Nypa Lawmakers Set Up Websites To Track Waste

03.05.09 | Terry Diener

Governor Ed Rendell has pledged an efficient and publicly accountable effort to spend Pennsylvania's share of the federal economic stimulus package. He says the state will maintain a website - recovery.pa.gov - to allow the public to review how the state's share of the stimulus is spent.

Mr. Rendell also says he will appoint a new chief accountability officer. Pennsylvania is getting $18 billion over the next three years to help turn around a sinking economy and put people back to work.

Meanwhile, a Western New York legislator is setting up a website that will track what he considers "wasteful" spending. Representative Chris Lee has launched a website that tracks government spending in the federal budget as well as other legislation.

The "Washington Waste Watch" points out wasteful spending, including all the "pork" found in the recently passed economic stimulus package. The website address is chrislee.house.gov.