Nyc Is Key To Prop Ones Fate

11.05.13 | Bob Price

New York city voters will have the biggest say on whether casino’s go up in upstate New York.  Light turnout is expected this off-year election day.... but New York City, which is picking a new mayor after 12 years of Michael Bloomberg, is expected to account for up to 42 percent of the statewide turnout.  It’s voters will be the difference makers in whether the state constructs up to 7 Vegas-style casino’s.  The first four would go upstate, one in the Southern Tier near Binghamton, two in the Catskills and Hudson Valley and another in the Capital area. A Sienna college poll released a week ago found 60 percent of New York City voters support the Prop One referendum.  Critics of casino gambling say it will lead to an increase in crime and cause addiction problems.