Ny Senator Bears Rifle At Hearing To Prove A Point

03.03.11 | Sarah Harnisch

 Holding a semiautomatic rifle, a New York senator introduced a bill yesterday in Albany that would make 30-round magazines illegal. Senator Eric Adams said the state should outlaw the sale of all 30 bullet clips to prevent another incident like what happened in Tucson, Arizona. Adams is a former New York City police captain who owns 3 guns and staunchly believes in gun rights. Despite that, he said no one-- not even hunters-- have a use for that type of a weapon. 30-round clips were banned in New York in 1994, but you are still allowed to buy them if the clip itself was made before 1994. But Adams says he went into several upstate gun shops and found clips with no date printed on them. He was also able to make the purchase without showing any identification. He says the law has to be changed.