Ny Public Integrity Commission Director Is Asked To Resign

05.15.09 | FL News Team

It has already been quite a week for former and current state government officials. Former State Health Commissioner Antonia Novello was indicted Tuesday for theft of government services. State Senator Kevin Parker of Brooklyn was arrested for assault. Now, State Inspector General Joseph Fisch is calling for the dismissal of state Commission on Public Integrity Executive Director Herbert Teitelbaum, over the agency's probe into Troopergate.

Fisch says Teitelbaum unlawfully disclosed confidential information to a member of former Governor Spitzer's cabinet. The report says Teitelbaum and the ex-cabinet member, Robert Hermann, both violated the Public Officers Law. Troopergate involved the Spitzer Administration having the State Police publicly release the travel records of former Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno, in an attempt to destroy him politically.

Governor David Paterson says Teitelbaum compromised the investigation into Troopergate. Paterson says "real reform requires that there be zero tolerance of any unethical or criminal activity." Paterson is also asking his nominees to the commission to resign along with the Executive Director.