Ny Pa Looking At Their Gun Laws Following Connecticut Massacre

12.21.12 | Sarah Harnisch

Governor Tom Corbett sidestepped questions about what Pennsylvania can do in the aftermath of the Connecticut shootings, but says mental illness is the key issue. At a news conference, Corbett said any ban on assault weapons is a federal issue that will be decided in Congress, not by states. He said such a ban would have limited benefit, since many Americans already own weapons and the government won't take them away. He suggested gun owners could do a better of securing their guns, but said he's not proposing any legislation.

Meanwhile, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is in private meetings to bolster the Empire state's gun laws. Cuomo has hinted he's gauging lawmaker's interest in placing stricter control of assault weapons and high capacity magazines; and possibly even a statewide pistol registry. He plans to make an official announcement on his plan during his state of the state address in January. Cuomo has been in talks with several prominent lawmakers on both sides of the issue this week, and says he could call lawmakers back before the end of the year if a deal is reached. If a deal is not reached in December, he said one likely will be reached by early 2013.