Ny Lawmaker Asks For Drilling Buffer Zone Around The Finger Lakes

11.04.11 | Sarah Harnisch

The assembly's minority leader in New York State is asking for a buffer zone for hydrofracking around every Finger Lake in the state... except one. Assemblyman Brian Kolb, a republican from Canandaigua, made the request in written form late last month to the Department of Conservation. He says gas companies offer no "substantial" protection to these environmentally sensitive bodies of water. He's asking for a 4-thousand foot buffer zone for each of the 10 unprotected Finger Lakes. If approved, Kolb's proposal would impact all but one of the Finger Lakes. Skaneateles Lake is part of the Syracuse watershed, and so already, drilling isn't allowed there. Kolb said Thursday he fully supports gas drilling in New York state, just not near the lakes.